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Meet Our Research Team

Matej Konecny dynasnet researcher
Researcher - CUNI
I work on Ramsey Theory in the metric problems, and recently on physical networks.
David Kunszenti-Kovacs erc dynasnet
Researcher - Rényi
I study various questions within graph limit theory - partial computability, alternative description of graphexes for the project of DYNASNET.
Andrés Aranda López dynasnet researcher
Researcher - CUNI
I work on model theoretic aspects of Ramsey Theory.
Dezso Miklos dynasnet erc researcher
Researcher - Rényi
I study connections between extremal hypergraph theory and its application to large scale networks. I work with Márton Karsai and Domonkos Czifra on epidemic spreading, focusing on vertex-weight and edge-weight distribution.
Tamas Mori erc dynasnet
Researcher - Rényi
I analyze the asymptotic properties of randomly growing and preferential networks.
Ossona de mendez dynasnet researcher
Researcher - CUNI
Regarding DYNANSET I work on limit structures for sparse classes, local vs. global parameter and model theoretic aspects of combinatorics
Aneta Pokorná dynasnet researcher
Researcher - CUNI
I work on metric invariants for networks.
Marton Posfai researcher dynasnet
Researcher - CEU
I study physical networks - networks where nodes and links are physical objects embedded in three-dimensional space.
Balázs Ráth researcher dynasnet
Researcher - Rényi
The fine line between predictable and unpredictable behaviour of recursive tree process on the marked binary branching tree (in particular, the so-called frozen percolation model).
Vibha Sahlot dynasnet researcher
Researcher - CUNI
I work on FTP in the context of ordered structures.