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David Kunszenti-Kovacs erc dynasnet
Contact Info
Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács
Researcher - Rényi

With Balázs Szegedy I study of various questions within graph limit theory - partial computability, alternative description of graphexes for the project of DYNASNET. In connection with the latter: investigating the connection to exchangeable structures and studying an open question by Aldous that appears to be key to the subject. Plus, studying the graphon pertaining to the so-called dense Preferential Attachment Graph random model, with emphasis on bounding the convergence speed of the sampled W-random PAG model to the limiting graphon. An upper bound of essentially O(n^{-1/2}) was shown for the expected distance, whilst several things point towards a better bound not being achievable.

Research Interests
Modelling network processes by differential equations, description of epidemic spread on networks, connecting these processes to the theory of graph limits, in particular with its functional analytical aspects. Applying decompositions of operator semigroups and Banach spaces to describe asymptotic behaviour, and their usage in ergodic theory.

Prizes and Awards

2017 János Bolyai Research Fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences