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2022.06.06. - 2022.06.10.
Erdős Center, Rényi Institute

The School focuses on discrete structures and their limits. This is an active area of research that connects discrete mathematics with ergodic theory, stochastic processes, spectral theory, measured group theory and various branches of analysis and topology. There will be six minicourses given by distinguished researchers of the field. 


2022.05.30. - 2022.06.03.
Erdős Center, Rényi Institute
The Mathematics of Large Networks summer school aims to bring together mathematicians and network scientists to foster the exchange of ideas between these two fields. During the school four minicourses will be given by distinguished researchers in graph theory and network science for students from both fields, who are interested in multidisciplinary approaches to networks.
2022.05.09. - 2022.05.13.
Erdős Center, Rényi Institute
The idea of the Mathematics of Large Networks Workshop is to bring together mathematicians and network scientists with the aim of fostering the exchange of ideas. The speakers and the audience will also consist of researchers coming from these two communities. The main themes of the Workshop include geometry of networks, dynamics of/on networks, higher order structures, network inference and applications.
2022.04.25. - 2022.04.27.
Erdős Center, Rényi Institute
The workshop will be centered about structural limits and should consist mainly from disscussions after some introductry talks.
2021.03.19. - 2021.03.19.
Zoom Call
  1. Patrice Ossona de Mendez: Small, sparse, order
  2. Aneta Pokorna: On the connectivity and the diameter of betweenness-uniform graphs
  3. László Lovász: Homomorphisms into orthogonality graphs
  4. Domonkos Czifra: Simulation results about the spread of differently seeded epidemics
  5. Gergely Ódor: Theoretical results about a switchover phenomenon for
2020.11.27. - 2020.11.27.
Zoom Call
  1. Misha Tyomkyn: On forcing graph families
  2. Albert-László Barabási: Physical Networks
  3. Yanchen Liu: Fruit Fly Brain Network
  4. Jinha Park: Knots on network
  5. David Hartman: Limits of properties in complex networks
  6. Tomas Bures: Machine learning the rules for composing autonomic
2020.10.30. - 2020.10.30.
Zoom Call
  1. László Lovász: Opening
  2. Márton Karsai - Gergely Ódor: Mathematics of epidemics
  3. Márton Pósfai - Balázs Szegedy: Physical networks
  4. Gábor Elek: Hyperfiniteness
  5. Federico Battiston: The dynamics of higher-order interactions
  6. Miklós Abért: Limits of temporal information
  7. Balázs Ráth: Self-organized criticality of dynamic random graph models
  8. László Lovász: Markov spaces as graph limits
  9. Miklós Ruszinkó: A modified bootstrap percolation on a random graph coupled with a lattice

2020.03.04. - 2020.03.06.
Charles University, Prague


Wednesday March 4, 2020: Day 1

    11:00 Laszlo Lovasz talk

   12:30 LUNCH 

   14:00 Discussion Session 


Thursday March 5, 2020 : Day 2 

    10:00 Colloquia by Bjorner, Schrijver, Abert and Dvorak 

   12:30 LUNCH 

2019.12.17. - 2019.12.18.
Rényi Institute, Budapest

Date: 17-18 December 2019


Tuesday Dec 17, 2019: Day 1

10:00 Albert-László Barabási
11:00 András Stipsicz


Wednesday Dec 18, 2019: Day 2

 10:00 László Acsády