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Balázs Ráth researcher dynasnet
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Balázs Ráth
Researcher - Rényi

Balázs Ráth is a senior researcher and a probabilist with an interest in the dynamics of random graphs and correlated percolation models.
As for DYNASNET, dynamical random graph models where edges appear at constant rate and large connected components are destroyed exhibit self-organized criticality, i.e., the dynamics keep the graph in a state similar to the critical Erdős-Rényi random graph. Percolation theory studies the connectivity properties of random subgraphs of the d-dimensional lattice. The presence of strong spatial correlations may significantly affect the large-scale geometry of the model and the study of percolation phase transitions require a combination of robust methods (e.g., multi-scale renormalization) and model-specific tools. Plus, discussions with Federico Battiston about the discontinuous phase transitions in susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) epidemic models with higher order interactions.

Balázs Ráth received his PhD from BME in Budapest, Hungary in 2010. His adviser was Prof. Bálint Tóth and his dissertation title: Asymptotic behavior of random graphs evolving in time

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