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Karsai Márton dynasnet researcher
Contact Info
Márton Karsai
Researcher - CEU

I am collaborating with László Lovász and others to study spreading processes on geometric networks. Our goal is to understand a switchover phenomenon of the infected population induced by different seeding scenarios of epidemics in geometric metapopulation networks.

Márton Karsai, PhD, HDR, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Network and Data Science at the Central European University, member of the IXXI Complex System Institute and fellow of the ISI Foundation in Torino. His research interest falls within human dynamics, computational social science, and data science, especially focusing on heterogeneous temporal dynamics, spatial and temporal networks, socioeconomic systems and social contagion phenomena. His main expertise are in analysing large human interaction datasets and in the development of data-driven models of various social phenomena.

Prizes and Awards