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Report on Focused Workshop on Networks and Their Limits

Authors Balázs Ráth
Publication date 2023-08-03

The proposed workshop is about new connections between network science and discrete mathematics.


The Focused Workshop on Networks and Their Limits (organized by Miklós Abért, István Kovács, Balázs Ráth) was held at Erdős Center from the 17th of July to the 28th of July 2023.
The idea of the workshop was to bring together network scientists and mathematicians in order to work together on some selected topics of shared interest. The list of projects on which the participants of the workshop made significant progress include: Physical networks, Path percolation, Centrality biased preferential attachment, Vertex copy model with self-interactions, Finding cliques in dense Erdős-Rényi graphs using adaptive edge queries.
We expect that these research collaborations will result in joint papers published in international journals.

List of participants: Miklós Abért (Rényi), Helen Ansell (Northwestern University), Ivan Bonamassa (CEU), Endre Csóka (Rényi), Pierfrancesco Dionigi (University of Leiden), Bingjie Hao (Northwestern University), Tomáš Hons (Charles University, Prague), Joanna Jasińska (ELTE / Rényi), Dániel Keliger (BME / Rényi), István Kovács (Northwestern University), Ágnes Kúsz (BME / Rényi), Balázs Maga (ELTE / Rényi), András Pongrácz (Rényi), Márton Pósfai (CEU), Miklós Z. Rácz (Northwestern University) Balázs Ráth (BME / Rényi), Anastasiya Salova (Northwestern University), Hillel Sanhedrai (Northeastern University), Márton Szőke (BME / Rényi), András J. Tóbiás (ELTE / Rényi), Ruiting (Grace) Xie (Northwestern University).

Balázs Ráth (Researcher)