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Albert-László Barabási to receive the 2023 Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize from the The American Physical Society

Authors Annamária Tárczy
Publication date 2022-10-19

The American Physical Society selected prof Albert-László Barabási to receive the 2023 Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize. The prize that was established in 1988 under the terms of a bequest of Beatrice Lilienfeld in memory of her husband, Julius Edgar Lilienfeld, an Austro-Hungarian and American physicist and electrical engineer.

The reason behind their decision to award prof. Barabási:

"for pioneering work on the statistical physics of networks that transformed the study of complex systems, and for lasting contributions in communicating the significance of this rapidly developing field to a broad range of audiences."

The prize shall be awarded for outstanding contributions to physics by a single individual who also has exceptional skills in lecturing to diverse audiences.

Selection Committee:

2023 Selection Committee Members: Robert Rosner (Chair), Amitava Bhattacharjee, Brian Fields, Daniel Fisher, David Schultz, Heinrich Jaeger, Howrd Stone, James Adams, James Freericks, John Fourkas, John Wilkerson, Karen Winey, Kenneth Brown, Manuela Campanelli, Peter Schiffer, Robert Bernstein, Stuart Henderson, Tanja Cuk, William Halperin

To read an interview with prof. Barabási by Rachel Crowell, please click here: Albert-László Barabási, Network Scientist, Wants Physicists to Connect with Wider Audiences.

The prize consists of $20,000, a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient, an allowance for travel to the APS Medal and Prize Ceremony and Reception in Washington, D.C., and an invited talk at an APS March or April Meeting, plus expenses for the three lectures by the recipient given at an APS meeting, a research university, and a predominantly undergraduate institution.

The American Physical Society (APS) is a nonprofit membership organization working to advance the knowledge of physics.

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